Jason Amada: Life in the Medical Sales Field

We are a site dedicated to the day to day life as a Medical Sales Rep. We post content aimed at helping individuals learn all about the Medical Sales field.

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We believe in building a community where Medical Sales Reps can come to exchange ideas and view content to help them in their journey to success. I personally come from the field of Finance and made the transition into Medical Sales in 2018. I went into the position with an open mind looking to learn everything I could. Along the way, I had mentors teaching me how to be successful and it is my mission to give back to others who are just starting out. I created this site so individuals can gain knowledge and ask questions about any topic related to the industry. I look forward to growing my career and I’m always interested in building a network to help each other along the way.

Blog Posts

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    6 Killer Lead Generation Secrets by Jason Amada Published: Nov. 18, 2020 at 7:50 a.m. ET Nov 18, 2020 (Heraldkeepers) — Jason Amada is an emerging name in the digital marketing industry. Born and raised in New York, Jason is always curious to explore new opportunities. Being a social media expert, he recently tweeted about the instantContinue reading “Press Release”
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    Sleep expert Jason Amada says getting quality sleep affects everything ― your mood, your weight, your immune system and so much more. But for many people, logging a full night’s rest can be a challenge. Less than half of American adults (49%) get the recommended seven to eight hours of shuteye, according to a Better Sleep Council survey fromContinue reading “9 Ways To Better Sleep by Jason Amada”